You kill me

Fuck, a year later and I still want you

You make me feel nothing

I feel like no matter what I do
I’ll never be good enough for you
Because you’re not good enough
For yourself


A poem about breaking

I can feel it stirring again 

The subtle hatred within

Every time i think im ok again

It slips right back in 

I feel as if I’m plummeting down

Down like the paper planes you made as a kid

Eager and excited
but soon crashes and burns like every thing does 

Thats how I feel

I feel as if im crashing

Shattered from within

All the pieces of glass are breaking through my skin
Leaving me an open wound

But no one is there to heal me


[A poem about reoccurring depression]

A poem about needing to be loved

A short poem about love 

A poem about putting someones happiness above your own

A poem about needing to be alive